Halloween Thrills Thanks to Lexco and Gore Galore

Posted by David Karbin | Mon, Oct 28, 2013 @ 11:20 AM | 0 Comments

You might get a few jaw dropping thrills this Halloween, thanks to Lexco Cable and Gore Galore. Behind the scenes of the larger-than-life costumes in haunted houses all over the world, are the cables that make them come to life with realistic movable jaws. The cables and accessories that make these creations “talk” are the same ones that we use for bicycle brakes, such as hand levers, inner cables, and cable housing.

ggCostumes with movable jaws rely on the same cable mechanisms that allow puppeteers to animate loose-jointed dolls with lifelike gestures.  The jaws are attached to light and flexible bicycle cables that run through the costume and are connected, on the opposite end, to a hand lever. Depending on circumstances, the cables will either operate on a pull-pull system or push-pull system.

In a pull-pull system, the actor or puppeteer will use one hand lever to pull the jaw open, and another to pull it closed.  A push-pull cable system, on the other hand, utilizes one stiff wire that is capable of both opening and closing the jaw. This conveniently reduces the number of levers and wires that the actor must manage. 

The weight, size and complexity of these petrifying costumes are all significant considerations. Larger costumes, which can range anywhere from 7 to 10 feet tall, naturally require longer and stronger cables. Most of these costumes also incorporate cables and levers that allow the actor to move the head and arms. Ideally, these components can be streamlined into just a few controls so that the actor is not unnecessarily burdened by multiple levers.

The scariest costumes are the most realistic, with lifelike arm, head and jaw movements that make you truly believe in zombies and goblins. With the help of Lexco’s cables and accessories, your next visit to the haunted house could indeed be the most terrifying.