Lexco Cable, the Hip-X, and the 49ers

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At Lexco Cable, we have had the chance to work with some interesting clients over the years. One interesting sector that has an ongoing need for cable assemblies is the fitness industry. Typically we make re-placement cables for fitness equipment but sometimes we have the chance to assist an equipment manufacturer in the production of new equipment.    


Recently an exercise equipment manufacturer, Perform-X Training Systems, sought us out to help design a cable assembly for their innovative performance training system. Perform-X has manufactures fitness equipment that can be found in weight rooms, fitness facilities, therapy clinics, hospitals, and professional athlete fitness camps.

One of Perform-X’s latest projects is the design and fabrication of specialized equipment for athletes. The result is the Hip-X machine which is a state-of-the-art fitness device that works well for performance and high intensity circuit training programs. The Hip-X is the only piece of equipment to have maximum weight up to 590 lbs and integrates explosive cord loaded training.

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The company’s designers wanted to design a machine that would build strength in the hip girdle area for improvement on speed, agility, stability, and performance.

Perform-X’s goal of having a working load limit of 590 lbs, required cable that was strong enough to not only lift that amount of weight, but also to be sturdy enough to endure repetitive movements while being used by an athlete. When it came time to build the Hip-X, Perform-X came to Lexco to create the tension cables that could handle the quantity of weight needed for this high performance training equipment. The tension cables had to be custom designed and fabricated to meet the exact needs of Perform-X’s unique equipment design. 

49ers HipX (2)Lexco’s custom fabricated cables met the weight demand for the Hip-X and of course the professional athletes who push the machine to the limits. One of the many places that the Hip-X is seeing action is in the training room of the current Super Bowl champs – the San Francisco 49ers.

To learn more about the amazing products from our friends at Perform-X, please visit their website. For more information about Lexco Cable, you can continue reading our user-friendly website or contact one of our custom cable assembly experts today.

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