Threaded Studs and Plugs Q&A with Lexco Cable’s V.P. David Karbin

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OEMs need an exact combination of characteristics for their threaded studs and plugs including wire rope diameter, thread size, thread length and material among others. Lexco Cable specializes in fabricating these assemblies and providing custom solutions when needed.


Lexco’s Guide to Custom Threaded Studs or Plugs For Your Wire Rope Assembly 

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OEMs require an exact combination of wire rope threaded stud characteristics, including wire rope diameter, thread size, thread length and material, among other specifications. Are you unsure what wire rope fitting best meets your wire rope assembly needs? Wherever you are in the buying process, we have created a guide that draws on Lexco’s extensive expertise to help you find the perfect threaded stud or plug for your wire rope assembly application.


Select the Most Well-Suited Materials for your Applications with Lexco's Glossaries

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When shopping for products you’ve never worked with before, it’s important to familiarize yourself with relevant industry terms in order to ensure you select the best solutions for your specific project.


3 Case Study Previews

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With spring here and summer fast approaching, the team at Lexco thought it would be a great time to review some of our past outdoor projects — providing cables for an outside shopping complex arbor, working on a living wall featuring vertically planted flowers and plants, and assisting in the creation of a landscaped retaining wall.


Lexco Cable Used in Construction of Suspension Bridge

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Long Travelled and Treasured

\Since the French explorer Samuel de Champlain first set foot in Vermont in 1609, the region has held its reputation as a land of natural beauty and rugged landscapes.  These features have been pondered on by luminaries such as Thoreau and Frost, and enjoyed by visitors from across the globe.


Submit Your Photo of a Lexco Product for a Chance to Win

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Do you own or work with a Lexco Cable product? If you do, then you are eligible to win a prize just by submitting a photo.

All you have to do is snap a quick picture of your Lexco item that has been used in one of your projects or products. As you know, we are one of the largest wire rope manufacturers with our products such as the wire rope, aircraft cable, and the bungee cord!