Making Music with Wire Rope ( customer spotlight)

Posted by David Karbin | Fri, Mar 28, 2014 @ 12:28 PM | 0 Comments

predator drum resized 600Wire rope assemblies are a staple in construction, manufacturing, and other applications across a range of industries, and our company has been designing and fabricating cables and ropes since 1978. There is one function they serve that many people do not expect: mechanical cables help make music.

The Evolution of the Hi-Hat

The hi-hat produces one of the most recognizable sounds in modern music. It consists of two cymbals that are mounted on a stand on top of one another, with a pedal that is used to clash and hold the cymbals together.

A remotely controlled hi-hat employs a cable to allow for more flexibility in assembly. The hi-hat can be placed in a convenient position and is controlled by a foot pedal connected to the cymbals by the cable. This configuration allows the hi-hat to be played in different configurations, limited only by the length of the cable attached to it.

Innovative New Design

Partnering with a cutting edge percussion manufacturer, Trick Drums, Lexco Cable provided the cable for the Predator Remote Hi-Hat. Lexco’s high quality cable is part of a push direct drive system (instead of pull, like many other models) that closes the cymbals whenever the pedal is pressed.

Instead of a vertical cable design, the Predator’s cable comes from the pedal horizontally. This allows for rotation at different angles to avoid the kinks and bends that dampen the feel of the pedal. The unique design of the Predator lets drummers place hi-hats in convenient and comfortable positions without sacrificing feel or performance.

This hi-hat was designed with extensive cable adjustment capabilities. In addition to being aligned for the most direct route to the cymbals, it has a wide range tension adjustment feature that allows drummers to accommodate hi-hats of many different weights. This tension adjustment covers 18 steps, letting the drummer precisely tailor the feel. The Predator is machined to very tight tolerances, and comes with 3’ or 7’ cable lengths for maximum flexibility in setting up the drum kit.

The design of the Predator also features a footboard that doesn’t use legs or feet. This leaves valuable space when setting up a kit, and means that the pedal doesn’t get in the way of any other pedals in the drum configuration. The baseplate is large and features industrial strength hook and loop material at four points behind the plate for added stability.

Finally, the Predator looks every bit as good as it sounds. The cable travels through a low-friction conduit for maximum protection and aesthetic appeal. When combined with the brushed metal look of the whole apparatus, the ensemble has a sleek, modern look that matches its innovative design.

A History of Innovation and Quality

blue conduit resized 600

Whether manufacturing cable for specialized projects or working with more traditional applications, Lexco Cable sets a high standard for quality and on-time delivery. Lexco Cable is an ISO 9001:2008 certified factory and warehouse located in Norridge, Illinois (minutes from O’Hare Airport, Chicago). To learn more about how we helped to create the best remote percussion instruments or how we can help with your project, contact us today.