Getting Wire Rope over a Barrel

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Barrel Enterprises is a Canadian craft manufacturer of high-quality personal facilities made from very large wooden barrels. These unique offerings include saunas, hot tubs, wine cellars, dog houses, bath tubs, play houses, and even above-ground pools. Their products are made from Western Red Cedar staves fitted tightly together and bound by tightened wire rope. The cables maintain the structure of the units while under internal pressure, keeping them from expanding.When you think of wire-rope products, you’d probably never expect to hear about custom-made saunas and hot tubs made out of oversize barrels, as well as their new line of campground yurts. Well, it’s one of the many, many uses we find all the time for our line of cables. Here’s how these ones work. 


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According to the company, “it was the wooden hot tub that began the experience of social bathing in North America.” Barrel Enterprises’ hot tubs and other personal entertainment products are shipped to customers as kits requiring assembly, including the cabling. No special tools or skills are required for their assembly, and a detailed installation manual is included with every unit sold.

scenicviewsauna4The company’s unique saunas come equipped with polymethylmethacrylate bubble windows to enhance the user’s experience. As the company’s website explains, “Sauna is the Finnish word for ‘bath’. Finns who immigrated to North America brought with them a unique bathing custom, which has become popular here over the past decade.

Often confused with a steam bath, a true sauna bath is very different, even though both types of baths offer the same therapeutic benefits.” Solid wood is the only choice for true sauna construction. Although the steam room enclosure must be non-porous and steam tight, the opposite is true of a sauna room. A sauna must be constructed of porous materials (meaning some type of wood), and it depends on air circulation through intake and outlet vents.

The wood actually “breathes” absorbing and purging moisture. Many varieties of wood are acceptable for sauna construction, but care must be taken when selecting the type and grade due to leaching of pitch or slivers, according to Barrel Enterprises. You can learn more about Barrel Enterprises on their or you can call toll free with any questions 1 877 866 5151.

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