Lexco Cable and Pull Testing for Wire Rope Assemblies

Posted by David Karbin | Mon, Sep 15, 2014 @ 09:24 AM 0 Comments

Pull testing is an effective means of testing the strength of wire rope assemblies to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the customer’s application. That’s why Lexco Cable offers these services for our customers. We can proof load to a percentage of the break strength or we can perform a fully destructive pull test to determine at what point a cable assembly meets its limits.

Pull Testing in Action

In the video below, you will see a cable construction of 5/8” diameter, 7x7 galvanized wire rope being pull tested to verify the swage sleeve would hold to 100% strength efficiency. When completed, this type of test indicates the break strength of a cable assembly based on a gradual linear pull.

In the test shown in this video, the cable assembly met the nominal break strength required by the customer, exceeding it by more than 10%. While this particular test was done to destruction, there are other tests performed to measure a percentage of that break strength requirement.

Pull testing as shown in this video is a vital part of the quality control process. The machine used is a 55 foot long pull tester, calibrated for testing up to 50,000 lbs against a cable assembly, allowing Lexco to perform extensive tests for our customers, whatever their requirements might be.

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