The Beauty of Flaming Hula-Hoops (Accomplished Using Wire Strand)

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We at Lexco Cable are always excited and amazed to find a new or unique use for many of our cable assemblies.  One customer, Synergy FlowArts came to us to help them supply cable in keeping with safety and integrity requirements of their products.

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Synergy FlowArts manufactures products that encourage the growth of this unique art form that combines exercise, performance, and spirituality.  Flow Arts include a wide range of movement styles, forms & rhythms, often incorporating performance props.  Many of these props come in “fire-form” for fire spinning performance. Synergy FlowArts fabricates hoops and other tools such as their Quick Wick for use in firehooping. The Quick Wick is a clamp-on wick for a flame or multiple flames, turning an ordinary hula-hoop into a “firehoop.”  Each of the Quick Wicks clamps onto the circumference of the hoop.

The company has been utilizing Lexco’s wire strand to mount the flame wicks about 5 inches away from the plastic hoop tubing. During the performance, each wick is ignited. Due to the properties of the stainless steel wire strand, the rapid temperature changes that occur when lighting the wicks do not affect the hoop or damage it while under the intensity of the fire. Due to wire strand’s desirable rigidity for this application, 1x19 was supplied. Lexco also provides 1x7 wire strand for this client for whenever greater rigidity is desired.  

With help from our wire strand Synergy FlowArts is able to provide their customers with the safe and reliable performance equipment to make their art extraordinary. Many of their customers are multi-hoop fire spinners and they even have some Vegas style performers. Here at Lexco Cable, we help make that possible with our dependable and diverse selection of wire rope products. You may not find us spinning fire, but we continue to innovate, support and collaborate with clients, helping to create unique products for unique markets.


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