Submit Your Photo of a Lexco Product for a Chance to Win

Posted by David Karbin | Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 10:38 AM 0 Comments

Do you own or work with a Lexco Cable product? If you do, then you are eligible to win a prize just by submitting a photo.

All you have to do is snap a quick picture of your Lexco item that has been used in one of your projects or products. As you know, we are one of the largest wire rope manufacturers with our products such as the wire rope, aircraft cable, and the bungee cord!

describe the imageFor example, our products have been used is within the brewing industry. Hops, which give beverages their tangy taste, is grown very similar to grape vines.  Utilizing strings that are tied to a Lexco-produced cable, the growers can keep their hop plants off the ground via the wires, saving it from harmful bacteria and spoilage.

So, now is your chance to become the photographer and capture one of your products in action. If you win, it could become as well-known as the cables that assist the Skycam in its vital Super Bowl work. Who knows? 

The photos can be taken anywhere, whether it’s at the car dealership holding the spare tire into place, or even you playing at a slot machine, where it is in use. The more creative you get, the better!

Here's one idea — capture one of our products by hanging from an anchor of a boat.  In many anchors, the cable used to help raise and lower it is a product of ours. The possibilities are endless!

Once you take your photo, be sure to go to to fill out the form and submit your photo! May the best photo win.

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