Lexco Cable is Proud to Announce the Winners of Our Photo Contest

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In November, Lexco Cable held a contest for best photo featuring a Lexco product in the picture.

The rules were quite simple. Each entry had to feature a project integrating any product from Lexco Cable, whether it was a cable assembly with aircraft cable or wire rope hardware and snap hooks.

The goal was to connect with current and past Lexco Cable customers and see how they are using Lexco products in their applications. This call to submit entries went out in the fall and at the end of the year we started reviewing to determine which photographs were the most attractive, fun, and the best examples of Lexco Cable products in action.

There was a large range of photos submitted to the contest. Many of the photos were of very high quality and clearly showed the Lexco Cable product in action.

The applications ranged from marine to canopy support, to mechanical linkage, to architectural.

It was exciting to see how all of these products and projects integrated Lexco’s products with such beautiful photographs.

The Winners

Now, we are pleased to announce the winners of Lexco’s photo contest.

Our first winning photo comes from Blue Water Furnishings with this beautiful architectural cable railing shot:  

Cable Railing from Blue Water

Blue Water Furnishings (www.bluewaterfurnishings.com) is based in Phoenix, Ariz. They have been a Lexco customer since 2010.

Blue Water Furnishings makes architectural features for homes and businesses in the serene southwest. Lexco is privileged each time we have the pleasure to supply cables to Blue Water Furnishings. The clean lines of stainless cable rails against the backdrop of the desert and beautiful infinity pool (looks like Blue Water lives up to its name!) always make for a visually stunning contrast.

Our second winning photo comes from Jed Smith Construction’s fantastic work, which can be seen in the below architectural railing shot:

Jed Smith Construction cable photo

Jed Smith Construction (www.jedsmithbuild.com) is based in Aquinnah, Mass. Aquinnah is surrounded by the Vineyard Sound and the Nantucket Sound in Dukes County on the U.S. eastern seaboard.

Cable railings built by Jed Smith Construction compliment the architectural style and views of homes built on the Atlantic.

And finally, our third photo winner features cables installed on a speedboat named the "Barefoot Sanger."

Barefoot Sangover

The water skiing boat belongs to Dave Steffes of Saint Paul, Minn. Dave used plastic-coated stainless steel aircraft cable to support an extended height tow pylon for barefoot water skiing. According to Dave, "it's been used several summers now and is still rock solid."

The photo winners will now receive a free digital caliper, a very useful tool for measuring dimensions in applications needing wire rope products.

Winners of the contest also have the option of having their project featured on Lexco Cable’s profile on Houzz, the online architecture, interior design, landscaping, and home improvement network.

Congratulations to our winners! And thank you to everyone who participated. Feel free to continue sending us photos of your wire rope projects.

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