Lexco’s Guide to Custom Threaded Studs or Plugs For Your Assembly

Posted by David Karbin | Tue, Apr 03, 2018 @ 03:38 PM 0 Comments

OEMs require an exact combination of wire rope threaded stud characteristics, including wire rope diameter, thread size, thread length and material, among other specifications. Are you unsure what wire rope fitting best meets your wire rope assembly needs? Wherever you are in the buying process, we have created a guide that draws on Lexco’s extensive expertise to help you find the perfect threaded stud or plug for your wire rope assembly application.

Lexco Cable's Threaded Studs and Plugs - Thread Length

Lexco Cable's Threaded Studs and Plugs - Size & Pitch

Lexco Cable's Threaded Studs and Plugs - After Swage Diameter

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If you already know your specs, email your file to rfq@lexcocable.com.


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