Threaded Studs and Plugs: Custom Engineering by Lexco Cable

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Lexco Cable's threaded studs and plugs

OEMs require an exact combination of characteristics for their threaded studs and plugs, including wire rope diameter, thread size, thread length and material among others. Lexco Cable specializes in fabricating these assemblies and providing custom solutions when needed.

Customized Threaded Studs and Plugs - Application Examples

1) Boating Lifts

Boating lift cable assemblies require custom threaded studs. Vertical lifts are as diverse as the boats they serve, from jet skis to large motor boats, and must meet the needs of all of them. To accommodate different types of vertical lifts, an OEM must have the ability to customize threaded studs that tension and support each type.

 Lexco Cable's threaded studs for boat lifts

Boat lifts, when manufactured for freshwater, are often 7x19 stainless steel aircraft cable type 302/304. The chart below breaks down the relationship between diameter and break strengths.  

 LexcoChart on Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable types 


2) Traffic Signal Safety Hardware

Traffic signal safety hardware assemblies often use stainless steel type 304 threaded studs with a wire rope diameter of 3/16" and 7x19, but these may require custom thread length or size. At Lexco, we make sure your custom threaded studs are compatible with bracket, made-to-print and tested-to-print.

Lexco Cable's threaded stud for traffic signal safety hardware

As this hardware is a safety application, Lexco also understands how critical testing is. We perform pull-testing for our customers to ensure break strength and quality.

3) Residential Elevators

Residential elevators typically require UNF threaded studs to help calibrate the assembly during installation. The threaded studs connect to the top of the elevator, tensioning the assembly to ensure a smooth ride.

Sometimes threaded studs in these applications require a customization like a cotter hole, a safety feature that is beneficial due to the dynamic load of elevator assemblies.

Lexco Cable's threaded stud with cotter hole

These threaded wire rope fittings may require a particular grade of steel with specific mechanical properties, as well. Lexco is able to source the required grade to accommodate these assembly needs.

4) Push-pull Controls   

Push-pull controls have a high level of customization because of the unique equipment they actuate. One type of push-pull control that frequently requires customization is a pull only brake cable for railroad applications.

Lexco Cable's push pull controls

Here, threaded wire rope fittings might require metric thread with a specific length that is compatible with its parent assembly. In this case, OEMs may not have the freedom to use an off-the-shelf product and quality customized threaded studs are necessary.

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